The Bottom from Above – Ken Langley

She sees the firelight flicker as she gazes out the window from her room;
Is that a burning bush she spies, or flames rising up to usher in her doom:
She’s waiting for a message, not sure who’s gonna call;
And she’s hoping for some answers, to her questions one and all:

Down here in the valley, the sky above has formed a roof of tin;
Her prayers bounce off of it, come rushing back to her again:
As gold is tempered, surely she’s a precious gem:
But the sparkle’s all muted, while she’s in this darkened den:

The sun beats down on her, her throat dries up, her skin begins to burn;
They say a barren desert is the only place humility is learned:
She’s pulling on the reigns, but the horse is running wild;
Will she hand them back to you, rest in your arms like a trusting child:

When she gets to the mountains and she feels the cool breeze blowing
through her hair;
She will sing and shout after all her sorrow and despair;
Love can hold a mystery between the lover and the loved;
But it all comes clear once you see the bottom from above:

Yes love can hold a mystery between the lover and the loved;
But it all comes clear once you see the bottom from above:

Spring Storytime

Technically, it is Spring. At least it is trying real hard. Storytime continues regardless!

April 2 to May 30

  • Mondays @ 10am: ages 15 months to 2
  • Mondays @ 1pm: ages 3-5
  • Tuesdays @ 6pm: ages 3-5
  • Wednesdays @ 10am: ages 2-4
Please call Miss Debbie at 508-476-2695 to for questions or sign-ups!

Library Closing – March 13

Due to yet another last-ditch fury of this accursed winter, the library will be closed today. Chess club, knitting class, and music and movement will resume next week. The affordable housing lottery information session will not be rescheduled, so see the brochures for contacts to whom you can direct questions. I will inform everyone as soon as a new date for Intrepid Readers is chosen.

I apologize yet again for the inconvenience.

Music and Movement Themes for March-June

If you haven’t already brought your preschooler to one of our Music and Movement Storytimes with Deb Hudgins, you really should. They are every Tuesday at 1, and every week is a different theme. Here are the themes for the upcoming months:

March 6 “At the Circus”
March 13 “Wearing of the Green!”
March 20 “Welcome, Spring!”
March 27 “Sillytime Songs”

April 3 “My Five Senses”
April 10 “What Is The Weather?”
April 17 “Earth Day Celebration”
April 24 “Nursery Rhyme Time”

May 1 “Opposites”
May 8 “All Shapes and Sizes”
May 15 “Dinosaurs”
May 22 “I Like Me”
May 29 “Going Camping”

June 5 “Under the Sea”
June 12 “Exercise Is Fun!”
June 19 “Hooray for Summer!”
June 26 “Beautiful Birds”

Simple Beginnings: From Scarves to Hats

The Library is offering a knitting class, beginning on January 30 at 6 pm!
Wish you could create something else from your knitting? Need a few winter accessories for your family? Go from simple scarf knitting to knitting in the round and create a winter hat for yourself or someone in your family. This is an 8 week class designed to take you from scarves to hats. A basic knowledge of knitting is required.
The class is limited to 6 participants and registration is required. Call Betsy at 508-476-2065 or email for questions and registration.
You will also need:
  • A skein of worsted weight wool (yes, wool). Suggested places to purchase are Peace Fleece, Bartlett Yarns, or Lamb's Pride.
  • A pair of size 6/7 circular needles to knit.
  • A set of double-pointed needles to finish.