Veterans Day

The Library will be closed on Saturday, November 11 in honor of Veterans Day. Thank you to all the men and women who have served in the armed forces of our country to protect us from those who would see our freedom to read and say what we wish diminished.

Did you know that the Veterans Day was originally called Armistice Day? World War I ended on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in 1918. President Woodrow Wilson declared Armistice Day on the same day in 1919 to commemorate the nation’s “solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country’s service.”

In 1926, Congress asked President Calvin Coolidge to issue a proclamation every year to observe November 11 as a day of commemoration. It wasn’t until 1938 that Armistice Day was was codified by Congress into a national holiday.

The next big change to the holiday came in 1945, when a WWII veteran named Raymond Weeks, together with General Dwight Eisenhower, expended the celebration to include all veterans of all wars–living or dead. This was codified by Congress in 1954. Armistice Day was officially renamed Veterans Day.

From 1971-1977, Veterans Day didn’t actually fall on November 11 due to an initiative to make all national holidays fall on Mondays. It ended up in October during those years, until it was moved back to its proper place (11-11) once more.

One more fun fact: there is no apostrophe in Veterans Day. That’s official!

Essential Oils 101

  • What are they?
  • How are they distilled?
  • How are they used?
Join us for a free community class and  discussion about these natural remedies with Samantha Patterson.  6:00pm on Tuesday, November 14th.

Music and Movement is Here to Stay!

The Music and Movement Series sponsored by the YMCA Family & Community Partnership was such a huge hit that we are having Deb Hudgins here weekly starting November 7!
We will be making use of multiple funding sources throughout the year to keep this going, but for the time being it is sponsored thanks to the William R and Janet A Carrick Fund, administered through the Greater Worcester Community Foundation.
Deb will be with us every Tuesday at 1:00pm, barring holidays and other special occasions . Here is the upcoming schedule:
11-7: All My Colors
11-14: Happy Thanksgiving
11-28 Going to the Zoo
12-12: Pets on Parade
12-19: Holly Jolly Holidays
1-2: All Through the Year
1-9: Winter Wonderland
1-16: All Around the World
1-23: 1, 2, 3, Count with Me!
1-30: Fabulous Food
2/6: The Way I Feel
2/13: Happy Valentine’s Day!
2/20: Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear
2/27: The People in My Neighborhood
“Nothing gets kids on their feet and having fun quite like songs, dance and silly stories. I’ve been conducting children’s programs that get kids up and moving since 1991. Deb’s Sing and Swing Pre-K Music and Movement Programs focus on participative songs, stories and dance, lots of props and rhythm instruments that kids can play, and just an all-around good time for everyone.” -Deb

Page Position Available

Looking for entry-level library work? The Simon Fairfield Public Library is looking for you! We need a page who can help us bring order out of chaos every other Saturday from 9 to 1, as well as an additional 4.5 hours every every week (ideally on Monday and Wednesday). We pride ourselves on offering a congenial, laid-back, but efficient atmosphere for our patrons and staff. We encourage applicants who will thrive in such an atmosphere.

Basic responsibility:
To shelve library materials. In addition, the library page will be trained to perform minimum duties on the circulation desk including but not limited to checking in and out of materials.

Minimum requirement: High school student or high school degree. Position requires basic knowledge of math and English and the ability to alphabetize and understand Dewey Decimal System.

None required

Duties are often routine but may involve making minor decisions. Employee is expected to ask questions rather than complete a job incorrectly.

Supervision required:
Employee works under direct supervision of Library Director; Children’s Librarian and Circulation Librarian.

How well the library page does his/her job has a direct impact on the overall operations of the library. If materials are shelved incorrectly, the efficiency of the library is negatively affected. The inability to find materials results in loss of service to patrons and is unacceptable.

The library page will have interactions with the public due to the nature of the job and the environment of a small public library. The page is expected to exhibit tact and courtesy and to refer to other staff if and when it is required.

The library page is expected to observe privacy policy and laws applicable to the public library.

Normal office conditions.

Manual Skills Required:
Filing, Shelving.

Physical Effort:
Little or no physical effort is required of position.

Occupational Risks:
Little or no potential risk of injury.

Supervisory Responsibilities:


How to Apply:
Please fill out an employment application and email it, along with a resume and any other desired documents, to Justin Snook at Applications submitted by Friday, October 13th will be considered. The Town of Douglas is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer.

Octoberfest: Books, Rocks, Chess

Octoberfest is Saturday! Yay! Hopefully it won’t rain this year. The adage I keep hearing is, “It wouldn’t be Octoberfest without rain.”  But chances are only 10% as of right now, so I hope to see my first non-rainy festival. The library will be open usual hours (9 to 1) this year.

The Friends of the Library will be having their annual book sale, and this year’s donations look especially impressive. These books need homes. As per tradition, there is no set price for books. You take what you want and donate what you feel is fair. Donations go to the Friends of the Library funds that support library programming and museum passes.

Professor Jerry Williams will once again be here to take on any and all challengers in the game of chess. Nobody beat him last year. One person beat him the year before. He asks for a $1 donation to the Friends of the Library to play. If you win, he’ll buy you a pizza.

We will also have rock painting this year. Maybe you’ve seen painted rocks laying around, or heard of the idea: you paint a rock and leave it somewhere for someone else to find. If you take one, you are supposed to make another one and put it back. We have a lot (200, to be precise) of rocks that are pre-painted a variety of base colors, waiting for your finishing touches. We are suggesting a $1 donation to the library per rock. You can either take your painted rock with you, or we will take it out to the SNETT and place it strategically for someone to find. Let’s make our trails colorful!

Fall Storytime

It’s nearly autumn, and that means Miss Debbie’s Fall Storytime! Storytime will kick off on September 25th and run until November 1st. The schedule will be as follows.

Monday @ 10:00 am: ages 15 months to 2 years.

Monday @ 1:00 pm: ages 3 to 5.

Tuesday @ 4:00 pm:  ages 3 to 5.

Tuesday @ 6:00 pm: ages 5 to 7.

Wednesday @ 10:00 am: ages 2 to 4.

Call the library at 508-476-2695 if you want to know more. Registration is required.

Chess Club Returns!

Fall is pretty much here (maybe not technically, but just look outside), and Professor Jerry Williams is rearing and ready to ramp up our raucous chess club after our summer hiatus. Chess club will commence on September 12, and will occur every Tuesday. Please note that the time will be different this year: 5:45 – 7:45 pm. All school-aged children are welcome to come join the rowdy fun.