Our Online Winter Book Auction will run from February 1-21, and you can register and view the inventory now at All proceeds from this auction will be deposited in the Library’s interest-bearing building donations account to go toward the building renovation project fundraising goal of $400,000.

The Friends of the Simon Fairfield Public Library is a nonprofit organization comprised of those who hold the Library near and dear to their hearts.

Every year the Friends make some of our favorite things possible. The overwhelming majority of our programming is sponsored by the Friends, as is our website, newsletter, and tons of other “extras” that make the Library special. Thank you for all you make possible!

-Justin Snook, Library Director

Why do we need Friends?

  • To support, extend, and advertise Library services to a growing community
  • To preserve the fundamental ideas of freedom of expression and reading
  • To be advocates for the Library among the general public and town government
  • To provide volunteer opportunities for fund-raising activities
  • To sort through book donations and organize Friends’ holdings
  • To show pride in your community and your library