I want to wish everyone a happy and healthy new year. Our fundraising efforts generated $18,136.51 in 2022 for handicapped accessibility and we are hoping to match or exceed this goal in 2023. Thank you all for your hard work.

We are planning our Memorial Day plant and book sale and look forward to seeing you there. Also, please keep in mind our online auction which is coming this fall. We would appreciate Items in good condition, gift cards, or services that would benefit the auction.

Let’s work together to support our wonderful library and dedicated staff.


Carolyn S. Dorval, President

I am ever so grateful to our core group of Friends of the Library for all they do. The Friends pay for book delivery, our website and newsletter, programs, supplies and snacks for storytimes, and a lot more that would be harder to manage through the town’s financial process.

In recent years, the Friends have made phenomenal contributions to the Library’s capital campaign, stepping up in a way that fills me with awe and humility. So thank you so much to the Friends who give so much time volunteering on the board, sorting books, preparing the auction, and managing book sales. And thank you to all the Friends who give of your resources to make all of that possible.

Thanks for Reading,

Justin Snook, Library Director

Why do we need Friends?

  • To oversee Oktoberfest and Memorial Day book sales

  • To seek out donations for the fall online auction

  • To sort and organize book and auction donations in the Friends room

  • To tell neighbors and friends about Library resources and services

  • To be advocates for the Library among the general public and town government