Pandemic Operations

In order to keep books circulating a safely as we can, the Library is once again closed to public browsing. Don’t let that keep you from reading though!


If you have holds ready for pickup or require any other form assistance, you can call from either the front or back of the building or ring the buzzers for curbside service. A mask covering your mouth and nose is required.

  • MONDAY: 11-5
  • TUESDAY: 12-7
  • WEDNESDAY: 11-5
  • THURSDAY: 12-7
  • SATURDAY 10-1


Home delivery is available to any Douglas resident! We run routes every Thursday. If you would like your holds automatically dropped off at your door every week, call or email us to enroll. Don’t be shy about asking for delivery. Quite frankly, it is a lot of fun!


Read ebooks and listen to audiobooks with Libby.

Stream limitless documentaries with CuriosityStream.

Socially Distanced Resources

If you aren’t suffering screen-fatigue, have read everything in the collection, and need more to do, here are some extra resources to help you stay sane, educated, and entertained.

Stuff for EVERYONE!

Stuff for Kids

Stuff for Young Adults

Stuff for Grownups in Pajamas