Pandemic Operations

In order to keep books circulating a safely as we can, our procedures have been modified significantly. For the time being, all programming will remain virtual. The loft, children’s play area and archive are still closed and public access computers have been removed. But if you need browse a collection or make a quick print, copy, or fax, we can do that!

The Library is currently open for 6 patrons at a time to come in and browse our collections during the following hours:

  • MONDAY: 11-5 (11-12 reserved for senior citizens)
  • TUESDAY: 12-7
  • WEDNESDAY: 11-5 (11-12 reserved for senior citizens)
  • THURSDAY: 12-7
  • SATURDAY 10-1

A mask covering your nose and mouth is required at all times to enter the building or interact with staff outside. Browsing time is limited to 30 minutes. Check the front door for a sign that says “Come on In” or “At Capacity.”


Home delivery is available to any Douglas residents who enroll. Call or email if you want to be added to the list. When you get notifications that holds are ready for pickup, expect a knock on your door the following Thursday.


If you have holds ready for pickup, you can call or ring the doorbell to have us bring them out to you. Please be patient as we might be helping patrons inside.

Socially Distanced Resources

If you aren’t suffering screen-fatigue, have read everything in the collection, and need more to do, here are some extra resources to help you stay sane, educated, and entertained.

Stuff for EVERYONE!

Stuff for Kids

Stuff for Young Adults

Stuff for Grownups in Pajamas