Time and the Town
Commemorating the 250th Anniversary of the Town of Douglas Massachusetts

Crossroads” by Peter Coppola pp. 7-8
Douglas” by Amy Myers pg. 8
The Second Congregational Church of East Douglas” by Lauren-Rose King pg. 10
1746…The Timeline Begins” by Joe Vecchione pp. 11-12
The Day of the Nipmuc” by George B. Griffin pp. 13-14
In Search of Dr. Douglass” by Joe Vecchione pp. 15-17
A Challenge to Historians: The Inns and Taverns of Douglas” pp. 18-19
Industry” by George B. Griffin pp. 21-22
Hayward-Schuster Mill” by Joey M. Randor pg. 23
School Days” by Carolyn Given pp. 25-26
Respect” by Staci Graves pg. 30
Douglas” by Corey Gonyor pg. 30
Douglas Has a Life” by Aurelia Fulginiti pg. 30
Happy Birthday Douglas” by Amanda MacKay pg. 30
The Simon Fairfield Public Library” by Charlotte Coppola pg. 31
Call to Arms” by Brian Whitaker pp. 33-34
South of Hedgehog Corner” by Peter Coppola pp. 37-39
The Haunted Orchard” by Jackie Butler pg. 38
Sites of Historic Interest pp. 40-42
Iron Horses, Steel Rails, and a Golden Age” by David Kmetz pp. 43-44
The Little Engine That Couldn’t” by Peter Coppola pp. 45-46
Places of Worship” pp. 49-51
A Rose is Never a Rose” by Peter Coppola pg. 53
Douglas Camp Childhood: Memories of Julia Clougher as told to Eileen Crossman” by Eileen Crossman pg. 54
The Fire King Engine Company” by Carolyn Given pp. 55-56
The Big Fire” by Allison Lachapelle pg. 57
Keeping the Peace” by Carolyn Given pp. 59-60
The E.N. Jenckes Store Museum” by Marieta Howard pp. 61-62
When the Name of the Game was Baseball” by Clarence Gagne pp. 63-64
His Last Hurrah” by Clarence Gagne pp. 65-66
Douglas State Forest” by Paul Peterson pg. 67
The Civilian Conservation Corps” by Paul Peterson pg. 68
Voices… pp. 69-72
Pastimes pp. 73-75
Douglas Town Report: An Anniversary Poem” by Jack Sughrue pg. 76
Appreciation… pp. 78-79
The Douglas Flag” pg. 79
Bibliography pg. 80