Town of Douglas
Newspaper Clippings Scrapbook #1, 1946 to 1948

Program: Two Hundredth Anniversary and Welcome Home for Veterans, World War II pp. 1 – 3
Newspaper Article: “Committee Seeks Rooms at E. Douglas” East Douglas, July 11 pg. 4
Newspaper Article: “East Douglas Completes Plans for Welcome Home to Veterans” East Douglas, July 25 pg. 4
Newspaper Article: “Plans Made for Big League Game” East Douglas, July 24 pg. 4
Newspaper Article: “East Douglas” East Douglas, July 29 pg. 5
Newspaper Article: “Further E. Dougals Celebration Plans” East Douglas, Aug. 2 pg. 5
Newspaper Article: “Plan Clambake in East Douglas” East Douglas, Aug. 2 pg. 5
Newspaper Article: “Seeks Objects for Historical Exhibit” East Douglas, Aug. 3 pg. 5
Newspaper Article: “East Douglas” East Douglas, Aug. 5 pg. 5
Newspaper Article: “Further E. Dougals Celebration Plans” East Douglas, Aug. 6 pg. 5
Newspaper Article: “42 Units Enter Douglas Parade” East Douglas, Aug. 7 pg. 6
Newspaper Article: “Old Homes to be Open to Public” East Douglas, Aug. 12 pg. 6
Newspaper Article: “E. Douglas Historic Homes to be Opened to Public” East Douglas, Aug. 10 pg. 6
Newspaper Article East Douglas, Aug. 14 pg. 6
Newspaper Article: “Mills to Close for Homecoming” East Douglas, Aug. 17 pg. 6
Newspaper Article: “Prize Softball Game Aug. 25” East Douglas, Aug. 6 pg. 6
Newspaper Article: “Douglas Celebration Will Open Tomorrow: “Welcome Home” to Service People Combined with 200th Anniversary” East Douglas, Aug. 23 pp. 7-8
Newspaper Article: “Douglas Bicentennial” [August 24, 1946] pg. 9
Newspaper Article: “Old Surrey in Douglas Parade” pg. 9
Newspaper Photograph: “Prize Winner in Douglas Parade” pg. 10
Newspaper Photograph: “Dressed in Costumes, the Sokol Club Members Weave a Rainbow in the Line of March.” pg. 10
Newspaper Photograph: “As Douglas Celebrates…” pg. 11
Newspaper Photograph: “Douglas’ Former Servicemen and Women Swing down the Street.” pg. 11
Newspaper Photograph: “Douglas Grange Float, Second Prize Winners” pg. 12
Newspaper Photograph: “Float of the Ichthus Club, First Prize Winner” pg. 13
Newspaper Photograph: “Among Floats in Douglas Parade…” pg. 14
Newspaper Article: “Bicentennial at Douglas Opens: More than 3000 Visitors join 2700 Homefolk to Watch Parade; Clambake Put on for Vets” East Douglas, Aug. 24 pp. 14-15
Program – The Methoidst Church, East Douglas, Mass., August 25, 1946 11 A.M. Service pp. 16-19
Newspaper Article: “Supper to Mark Church Reopneing” East Douglas, Aug. 21 pg. 20
Program – The Second Congregational Church in East Douglas, Massachusetts, August 25, 1946 Service pp. 20-23
Newspaper Article: “Thousands Flock to Historical Exhibit, Reliving Distant Past” Douglas pg. 24
Newspaper Article: “Douglas Visitors Come from All Over Nation” Douglas pg. 24
Newspaper Photograph: “Douglas Washer…” pg. 25
Newspaper Photograph: Pioneer Talking Machine pg. 26
Newspaper Photograph: Mr. & Mrs. Cyrus A. Sweet pg. 26
Newspaper Photograph: “Rare China Exhibit…” pg. 27
Newspaper Photograph: Harold T. Eaton pg. 27
Newspaper Photograph: “Douglas Dedicates War Memorial” (2 photographs) pg. 28
Newspaper Article: Boyanowski, Henry J. “400 Attend Douglas Party: Dedicate Memorial to Veterans Today” East Douglas, Aug. 25 pp. 29-30
Newspaper Picture: Doll Carriage Parage pg. 30
Newspaper Picture: Dorothy Dymling, Buggy and Doll pg. 30
Newspaper Picture: Whitinsville vs. Douglas Baseball Game pg. 31
Newspaper Article: “Whitins Nine Drubs Douglas” East Douglas, Aug. 25 pg. 31
Newspaper Picture: “Douglas Square to be Memorial to War Dead” pg. 32
Newspaper Article: “Douglas to Dedicate Memorial Square” East Douglas, Aug. 19 pg. 33
Newspaper Picture: Douglas’ Veterans Pay Tribut pg. 33
Newspaper Article: “Douglas Dedicates Square with 14 Memorial Trees: Each Serviceman who Paid Supreme Sacrifice Remembered at Town’s 200th Anniversary” East Douglas, Aug. 26 pg. 34
Newspaper Picture: “Welcomed Douglas WWII Veterans” pg. 35
Newspaper Picture: Veterans receiving Memorial Plaques pg. 35
Newspaper Article: “Douglas Vets Hear Lodge Rap Lack of U.S. Leaders: 4000 Attend Third Day’s Exercises; Red Sox Vs. Indians Today” East Douglas, Aug. 26 pp. 36-37
Newspaper Picture: Tomas Klisiewicz receives Medal in Honor of Son pg. 37
Newspaper Article: “Bi-Centennial Veterans Party Slated Tonight: Informal Testimonial Arranged by Mill at East Douglas” East Douglas pg. 38
Newspaper Article: “Red Sox to Play Cleveland Aug. 27 at E. Douglas” East Douglas, July 23 pg. 39
Newspaper Article: “Red Sox-Indian Exhibition to be Aired” pg. 39
Newspaper Article: “Red Sox Meet Indians Tuesday in E. Douglas: Arrangements Made to Handle 10,000 Fans at Exhibition Game; Players to Receive Gifts” pg. 39
Newspaper Article: Scannell, Ed “Ed Scannell’s Sports Tips” pp. 40-41
Newspaper Article: “Sox, Indians, Have Holiday at Douglas” East Douglas pg. 41
Newspaper Article & Picture: Mumpton, Roy. “Sox Rained Out at Douglas, Play Tigers at Hub Today: Thousands Disappointed as Downpour Wipes Out Game with Indians; Sockers to Return to County Town Sept. 26; Players Receive Gifts” East Douglas, Aug. 27 pp. 42-43
Newspaper Picture: “Rain…No Game…” pg. 43
Newspaper Article: “Ted Williams Okay After Auto Crash: Red Sox Star Unhurt in Holliston on Way to Douglas Centennial” Holliston, Aug. 27 pg. 44
Newspaper Picture: Joe Cronin receives new car pg. 45
Newspaper Picture: “Attired in Their Natty New Jackets…” pg. 45
Newspaper Picture: “Douglas Fete Ends in Rain” pg. 46
Newspaper Article: Boyanowski, Henry J. “Rain Washes Out Ball Game at Douglas Program” East Douglas, Aug. 27 pp. 46-47
Newspaper Article: “Tired But Happy: Douglas Returns to Normal; Fireworks Display Tonight” East Douglas pg. 48
Newspaper Picture: “A Relic of the Past…” pg. 49
Murphy, J.M., Jr. “Arrowheads, Axes and Douglas, Mass.” The Boston Transcript, September 1946: 41-42. pp. 50-52
Newspaper Article: Sandrof, Ivan. “Douglas Looks Back: Cashes, Promises Decided Town’s Name” pp. 53-56
Newspaper Article: “4-Day Celebration to Mark 200th Anniversary in Douglas” pp. 57-58
Newspaper Article: “East Douglas Host to Red Sox, Indians: Major Leaguers Will Play Tuesday at Schuster Field” pg. 59
Newspaper Article: “3 Victory Dances on Schedule as Douglas Opens Celebration” East Douglas pg. 60
Newspaper Picture: “Nonagenarians…Mr. & Mrs. Cyrus A. Sweet.” East Douglas pp. 60-61
Newspaper Article East Douglas pp. 62-63
Newspaper Article: “Town, Scoured and Painted, Awaits Thousands of Visitors” Douglas pg. 63
Newspaper Picture: “Not Wallpaper…” pg. 64
Newspaper Article: “A Quiet House on A Quiet Street” pg. 65
Newspaper Picture: “Douglas Has Not…” pg. 67
Program: “First Congregational Church, Douglas, Mass., Two Hundredth Anniversary Welcome Home for Veterans Memorial Worship Service, August 25, 1946” pg. 68
Newspaper Article: “Boston Red Sox vs. Cleveland Indians” pg. 69
Newspaper Article: “Arrangements Completed for Sox-Yankee Game” East Douglas, Sept.17 pg. 69
Newspaper Article: Cunningham, Bill. “Car Incident Rouses Ire: Douglas Fans Go Through; Pearson Piker Beside Bill” pp. 70-71
Newspaper Article: Cunningham, Bill. “East Douglas Goes to Town: Sox-Indians Tilt Today Tops Welcome Home to War Vets” pp. 72-74
Newspaper Article: “Welcome Home Party is Over: East Douglas Weary After Shindig for Vets” East Douglas, Aug. 28 pg. 74
Newspaper Article: “Stars of Red Sox, Yanks at E. Douglas Thursday” pg. 75
Newspaper Article: “Yankees Play Red Sox at Douglas, Sept. 26” Chicago, Sept. 18 pg. 75
Newspaper Article: “Red Sox, Yanks at E. Douglas” pg. 76
Newspaper Article: “Sox and Yanks Eye Homers at E. Douglas” pg. 76
Newspaper Article: “10,000 to See Red Sox Play in East Douglas: Boston Stars Oppose Yankees in Exhibition Game Tomorrow at 2.30” East Douglas, Sept. 25 pg. 77
Newspaper Picture: “Overflow Douglas Crowd Sees Yanks Defeat Sox” pg. 78
Picture: Ted Williams & Jo DiMaggio pg. 79
Newspaper Picture: “The Terrific Thumper…” pg. 80
Newspaper Article: Greene, Greg. “Fine Fielding, Long Hitting Features Exhibition Game” East Douglas pg. 81
Newspaper Picture: “E. Douglas Park Jammed” pg. 82
Newspaper Article: Mumpton, Roy. “12,000 See Yankees Edge Sox, 8-7, at East Douglas: Joe DiMaggio’s Theft of William’s Would-Be Homer Features Game; Souchock’s 3-Run Blast Decides; Three Others Hit 4Baggers” East Douglas, Sept. 26 pp. 84-85
Article: “Red Sox Face Yanks at East Douglas Today” pg. 136
Article: “10,000 Expected to See Red Sox Play at E. Douglas” East Douglas, Sept. 25 pg. 137

The following table of contents is part of the above scrapbook. All the articles appear to be from a special edition of The Loom Fixer.

General Committee, 200th Anniversary Committee, Welcome Home Committee pg. 86
Welcome Home Veterans” – Front Page pg. 87
Program, Saturday, August 24, 1946
Article: “Grand Parade Opens Four Day Observance”
pg. 88
Article: “Victory Dances Climax First Day of Observance”
Notice: “Parade Route”
pg. 89
Article: “Old Home Committee Prepare for Visitors”
Article: “Former Residents Send Greetings”
Article: “Souvenir Program to be Placed on Sale”
pg. 90
Article: “Historical Exhibit at Simon Fairfield Public Library”
Article: “Memorial Services to be Held on Sunday”
pg. 91
Article: “Veterans Guests at Clam Bake”
Article: “Navy to Put on Air Show”
Article: “Guests Invited to Register”
pg. 92
Program, Sunday, August 25, 1946 pg. 93
Article: “Whitinsville and Douglas in Valley League Game”
Article & Pictures: “Douglas Coaches”
pg. 94
Article: “Douglas Team has Made Impressive 1946 Record”
Standings: Blackstone Valley Baseball League Standing
pg. 95
Article: “Douglas Center Spot of Historical Interest” pg. 96
Picture: “Douglas Baseball Club 1946” pg. 97
Program, Monday, August 26, 1946
Article: “Chaplain to Offer Special Service”
Article: “Special Feature Broadcast Monday”
Article: “Children’s Day to be Held Monday”
pg. 98
Picture: “New Square to Form Living Memorial” pg. 99
Article: “New Square to Form Living Memorial”
Article: “Veterans to be Guests at Testimonial Dinner”
pg. 100
Article: “Ceremonies Monday Eve.”
Picture: “Dedication Speaker”
pg. 101
Picture: “Memorial Square” – plaque and pictures of men who gave the ultimate sacrifice pg. 102
Program, Tuesday, August 27, 1946
Article: “Boston Red Sox”
Article: “’Al’ Schact to Perform at Game”
pg. 104
Picture: “Big League Baseball Tuesday Afternoon” (Boston Red Sox) pg. 105
Picture: “Cleveland Indians” pg. 106
Article: “Summers to be Umpire -in-Chief”
Article: “Capacity Crowd will be at Game”
pg. 107
Article: “Players to be Given Jackets”
Article: “WTAG to Broadcast Play-by-Play Description of Game”
pg. 108
Article: “Good Sluggers Get Together” pg. 109
Article: “Plants to be Closed During Observance”
Article & Pictures: “Commanders”
pg. 110
Article: “Veterans to be Active During Observance”
Picture: “Douglas Players”
pg. 111
Pictures: “Douglas and Her Heroes March On” pg. 112
Article: “Thousands Join With Douglas Residents to Celebrate 200th Anniversary and Welcome Home” pg. 113
Article: “Colorful Parade Marks Opening of Celebration” (includes handwritten notes) pp. 114-117
Picture: “Still Going Strong” pg. 118
Picture: “Judges” pg. 119
Picture: “Sokols Most Colorful Unit” pg. 120
Picture: “Navy Squadron Gives Outstanding Show” pg. 121
Pictures: “Veterans Active in Colorful Parade” pp. 122-124
Picture: “Dedication Speaker” pg. 125
Article: “Mills Honor Gold Star Parents and Veterans” pg. 126
Picture: “Gold Star Medal for Five Star Father” pg. 127
Picture: “Veterans Night” pg. 128
Picture: “Memorial Square Dedication” pg. 129
Picture: “Veterans Guests at Clambake” pg. 130
Article & Picture: “Navy Defeats Army” pg. 131
Article: “New York Yankees to Replace Cleveland on September 26”
Article: “Mills Schedule for September 26 Game”
pg. 132
Picture: “Let It Pour”

Picture: “Let it Rain”

pg. 133
Picture: “Red Sox Holiday” pg. 134
Picture: “Yankee Stars”


pg. 135
Headline: “Yankees Beat Red Sox in Sept. 26 Game”
Picture: “New Car for Manager Cronin”
pg. 138
Article: “Baseball Fans Have a Field Day While Seeing Teams in East Douglas” pg. 139
Pictures: “Yankees” and “Red Sox” pg. 140
Article: “Red Sox Remember East Douglas”
Article & Picture: “Sharpshooters”
pg. 141
Picture: “Jackets for All Players” pg. 142
Picture: “’Ted’ on the Air”
Picture: “Gift for Bill Summers”
pg. 143
Picture: “Happy Red Sox Fan” pg. 144
Picture: Aerial View of Soldier’s Field” pg. 145