Douglas Local History Archive

Historical and Municipal collections for the Town of Douglas that are held at the Simon Fairfield Public Library.

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Welcome to the Simon Fairfield Public Library Historical Archive.

Our historical collections are currently being sorted and cataloged by local archivist Rebecca Lavallee. When this project is complete, there will be detailed descriptions of our holdings on this page along with finding aids to help you pinpoint the information you are seeking. In the meantime, you can direct archival inquiries directly to Rebecca at

The Town of Douglas Annual Reports have been digitized by the Boston Public Library and are now available for online viewing.  Click Here!! The reports date back to 1876!


The Simon Fairfield Public Library Local History Archive began with Library Director, Justin Snook, taking anything that seemed “old” and relating to Douglas and placing it into a cabinet, listing the items and posting the list online.

Rebecca Lavallee, seeing this, contacted Justin asking if he wanted free labor to organize the archive.  Rebecca has a degree from Simmons College in Archive Management and couldn’t wait to get her fingers on all the “old junk”.

Rebecca was then joined by Betsy Dudley-Youngsma, fellow history geek and librarian.

And thus the Simon Fairfield Public Library Local History Archive was created.

Please feel free to contact us at or call us at (508) 476-2695. At this time the archive is by appointment only.  If you visit without an appointment and one of us is here, we will be glad to help you, we just can’t guarantee we will be here.