Digital Streaming is Here

There’s a new blue button on the home page. Given the success of e-books and audio, we’re adding a streaming video service to our arsenal of literacy.

Kanopy is a streaming platform that you can use on your computer, or you can download the relevant app for IOS, Android, AppleTV, Chromecast, or Roku. Adults can enjoy award-winning documentaries, film festival favorites, indie films, classic films, and world cinema. Kids will find films and TV series thoughtfully curated to help develop empathy, mindfulness, and self-esteem.

To access Kanopy, either click the button on our homepage or go to Douglas library card-holders are currently allotted 6 play credits per month, and we’ve set a monthly cost ceiling that applies to the entire community (basically it’ll shut down before it breaks the budget). Hopefully we don’t bump up against that ceiling and everyone who wants can use all 6 of their play credits.

Starting Off the School Year Well

For the mom who is sending her child off to school for the first time or the dad who is hoping for a year of easier transitions and joyful experiences, Peaceful Life coach Janet Gonzalez will be offering a free workshop at the library on August 23 from 7-8pm. Some topics she will touch on are getting out the door in the mornings, welcoming your child home in the afternoon, and homework & bedtime in the evening.

Every Thursday is Mahjong Thursday

A new weekly event is popping up at the library. A group of seasoned mahjong playing patrons will be meeting to play at the library every Thursday from 12:30 to 4pm and are inviting new players. If you already know how to play, come play with some delightful people! If you don’t, come anyway and they will teach you.

Online Magazines are Here!

Online Magazines are here! CWMARS has added a first wave of 50 magazines to our Overdrive subscriptions. These are simultaneous use licenses, so they are always available to you no matter how many people are reading them. You can “borrow” them to download them to your device or read them online. You can find them in the Overdrive catalog, or you can simply click here to see a special page just for magazines.

Page Position Available

Looking for entry-level library work? The Simon Fairfield Public Library is looking for you! We need a page who can help us bring order out of chaos every other Saturday from 9 to 1, as well as an additional 4 hours every every week (ideally on Monday and Wednesday). We pride ourselves on offering a congenial, laid-back, but efficient atmosphere for our patrons and staff. We encourage applicants who will thrive in such an atmosphere.

Basic responsibility:
To shelve library materials. In addition, the library page will be trained to perform minimum duties on the circulation desk including but not limited to checking in and out of materials.

Minimum requirement: High school student or high school degree. Position requires basic knowledge of math and English and the ability to alphabetize and understand Dewey Decimal System.

None required

Duties are often routine but may involve making minor decisions. Employee is expected to ask questions rather than complete a job incorrectly.

Supervision required:
Employee works under direct supervision of Library Director; Children’s Librarian and Circulation Librarian.

How well the library page does his/her job has a direct impact on the overall operations of the library. If materials are shelved incorrectly, the efficiency of the library is negatively affected. The inability to find materials results in loss of service to patrons and is unacceptable.

The library page will have interactions with the public due to the nature of the job and the environment of a small public library. The page is expected to exhibit tact and courtesy and to refer to other staff if and when it is required.

The library page is expected to observe privacy policy and laws applicable to the public library.

Normal office conditions.

Manual Skills Required:
Filing, Shelving.

Physical Effort:
Little or no physical effort is required of position.

Occupational Risks:
Little or no potential risk of injury.

Supervisory Responsibilities:


How to Apply:
Please fill out an employment application and email it, along with a resume and any other desired documents, to Justin Snook at Applications submitted by July 7 will be considered. The Town of Douglas is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer.

Local Author Party

On June 5th, we welcomed 4 local authors and 26 guests to a literary party at the Library. The Friends of the Library put out quite the spread:

Paula Sullivan, Rachel Odell howe, Jane Willan, and Michael Stinger not only sold and signed books, but talked extensively about their writing and publishing processes:

Paula Sullivan is the author of Simply Being Happy, and Rachel Odell How is the author of Ripple:

Michael Stinger is the author of Runner’s Dawn, and Paula Sullivan is the author of The Shadow of Death:

The event drew a nice crowd, and we all enjoyed discussing books until well after the library “closed:”

This little one proved that you are never too young to start thinking about writing your own book:

A Walk in the Woods

On May 23, around a dozen library staff and patrons gathered at Cedar Swamp in the Douglas State Forest for a nature hike. Led by Mary Sughrue-Yacino, we heard many bird calls and learned a lot about local flora.

We saw the tiniest lady slipper in the world:

And a very purple bog onion (or jack-in-the-pulpit for you Northern folk):

Cinnamon ferns:

And these things:

The kids got really excited when we started finding a trail of fake money:

And then the adults even got a little excited:

Finally, we gazed upon the remains of a fire started by Matthew Mcconaughey during the filming of Sea of Trees. Unfortunately, the scene was deleted:

Mary tried calling in an owl, but it just hooted at us from afar. I believe a good time was had by all, though, regardless of the standoffish night  fowl.

Local Author Party

Please join us at the Simon Fairfield Public Library on June 5 at 6:30pm for a celebration of local literary talent! Local authors will be here to promote, discuss, and sign their books. The Friends of the Library will be supplying delicious refreshments. So come mingle, eat cheese, and have some tea with your writing neighbors!

We have confirmed the following writers:

-Michael Stinger, author of Runner’s Dawn.
-Jane Willan, author of The Shadow of Death.
-Rachel Odell Howe, author of Ripple
-Paula Sullivan, author of Simply Being Happy

Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! Please note that the Library will closed on Monday (we will still be open Saturday, though). Also, the catalog will be down Sunday and Monday as we upgrade our Evergreen servers. The servers should be up Tuesday morning. Hopefully, you will noticed better, more accurate search results, faster response time, and a few other quality of life improvements.

There is a parade on Sunday! The program is available here.