RG_100 – Board of Health

Board of Health

Collection Information

Creator : Town of Douglas, Massachusetts

Title : Town of Douglas Board of Health

Abstract :  Collection includes items that pertain to the Douglas Board of Health and the various duties performed by the Board of Health. Items include fact sheets, assessments, proposals and site assignments.

Dates : 1987

Quantity : 3 Folders

Repository : Simon Fairfield Public Library, Town of Douglas Municipal Records & Archive.

Finding Aid : Finding Aid in print form is available in the Repository.

Preferred Citation : [Box #, Item identification], Board of Health, Simon Fairfield Public Library, Town of Douglas Municipal Records & Archive.

Provenance :  Found in the Simon Fairfield Public Library Archival Cabinet in 2016. No further accession information is available.

Processing Information :  This collection was processed by RLD Lavallee on July 27, 2016.

Administrative History

The Board of Health is charged with the protection of the public health and to fulfill their duties by developing, implementing and enforcing health policies which are developed through Federal, State and local regulations. A Board of Health is a statutory board created pursuant to the Mass. General Law C. 111, s26 and C. 41, s1. The Douglas Board of Health consists of five (5) members who are appointed by the Selectmen. Each member serves a three (3) year term. The Board of Health each year appoints a Chairman, Vice-Chair, Health Agent, Public Health Nurse, Administrative Supervisor, Animal Inspector, Sanitarian and Engineer.

Some of the duties of the Board of Health include:

  • Title 5 – septic system installations and repairs
  • Housing Inspections
  • Solid waste and recycling
  • Flu Clinics
  • Rabies
  • Food Service
  • Water testing at public and semi-public bathing beaches
  • Recreational camping including Children’s camps
  • Commercial swimming pools

As of 2016, the Town of Douglas utilizes a Transfer Station for the disposal of waste. 

The Town of Douglas had operated an unlined landfill from 1939 to 1988, when it reached the capacity allowed by the Department of Environmental Quality Engineering (DEQE) in September 1987. As of April 1, 1987, the Town of Douglas entered into an agreement with Douglas Environmental Associates, Inc. (DEA) to develop a landfill in Douglas, MA. It was decided that since DEA would not be operational by the time the unlined landfill would be closed by the DEQE, a transfer station would be constructed until such a time when the DEA would be operational. It appears as if DEA and the Department of Environmental Protection had a lengthy court battle. Online research shows that the DEA won the court case in 1999, however, no landfill was ever developed in Douglas and a transfer station is still in use.

Scope and Content

This collection includes fact sheets, assessments, and proposals regarding the Commercial Sanitary Landfill for the Town of Douglas, Massachusetts through Douglas Environmental Associates, Inc. 

Record Group Description

Record Group RG_100 : Board of Health

Sub-Record Group RG_101 : Transfer Station
Sub-Record Group Description : Fact sheets, assessments, proposals and site assignments regarding the development of a sanitary landfill in Douglas, MA.

Record Group: RG_100, Board of Health
Sub-Record Group: RG_101, Transfer Station

61RG_101.01Town of Douglas – Solid Waste Disposal Fact Sheet (ca. 1987)
61RG_101.02Barletta: A Symbol of Strength (Barletta Company Brochure)
62RG_101.03Proposal to the Town of Douglas for the Construction and Operation of a Commercial Sanitary Landfill by Douglas Environmental Associates (ca. 1987) 
63RG_101.04aApril 1, 1987:  Site Assessment for Sanitary Landfill
63RG_101.04bFindings of the Town of Douglas Board of Health Pursuant to eh Issuance of a Site Assignment for a Sanitary Landfill to Douglas Environmental Associates, Inc. Pursuant to M.G.L. c. 111, s 150A
63RG_101.04cAgreement Between Douglas Environmental Associates, Inc. and Town of Douglas (April 1, 1987)
63RG_101.04dConditions to Sanitary Landfill Site Assignment (April 1, 1987)
63RG_101.04eSanitary Landfill Site Maps (ca. 1987)
63RG_101.04fDescription of Land Subject to Site Assignment Pursuant to G.L. C. 111, 150A (ca. 1987)