Municipal Records & Archive

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Municipal Records & Archive

The Municipal Records & Archive deals with administrative records that are directly related to the Town of Douglas’s various municipal departments, committees and commissions.

It is important to note that the Municipal Records & Archive (MRA) is incomplete.  The MRA is comprised of various town issued reports and documents (Annual Reports, Street  Lists, etc.) as well as various events and projects that have been donated to the library.  If we do not have the items you are looking for, please contact the Town Clerk’s Office (508.476.4000 /  and they will be able to assist.

RG_000, Town of Douglas : Collection includes information relating to the Town of Douglas. Items include town monographs, annual reports, and maps that are not directly related to other collections.

RG_010, Town of Douglas ByLaws : Collection includes Town of Douglas ByLaws, Zoning ByLaws, Sub-Division Laws, and Wetland Laws. Also includes memos regarding votes regarding these laws.

RG_020, Town Clerk’s Office : Collection includes information relating to the Town Clerk’s Office. Items include services performed by the office, Citizen’s Guide to Town Meetings and Town Warrants.

RG_030, Town Administrator : Collection includes information relating to the Town Administrator’s Office. Items include Personnel Policies & Procedures for the Town of Douglas.

RG_060, Assessors’ Office : Collection includes items related to the Town of Douglas Assessors’ Office. Collection contains maps, street lists and property valuations.

RG_080, Planning Board : Collection includes plans and studies regarding the Town of Douglas. These plans have either been conducted by or with the cooperation of the Town of Douglas Planning Board. Items include final reports, drafts, maps, plans and proposals.

RG_100, Board of Health : Collection includes items that pertain to the Douglas Board of Health and the various duties performed by the Board of Health. Items include fact sheets, assessments, proposals and site assignments.

RG_500, Town of Douglas School Department : Collection includes information relating to the Douglas School Department. Collection contains annual reports, evaluations, proposals, plans and correspondences.