Series 7 : Businesses

Anthony H. Coppola Collection
Series 7: Businesses

512018.01.07.01ca. 1802 – Item appears to be a partial ledger sheet with notes. The business is unknown. The date on the top is April 7, 1802
522018.01.07.021849 – Obadiah Morse Ledger
532018.01.07.031889 – Lucius Marsh Ledger
542018.01.07.04Example of Emerson’s Perpetual Arch Calendar
542018.01.07.05C.J. Batcheller & Co. Publishers of Emerson’s Perpetual Arch Calendar. (September 15, 1874)
542018.01.07.06Chas. J. Batcheller Perpetual Calendar Pieces
552018.01.07.07Chas. J. Batcheller. Fine Job Printer. East Douglas, Mass. Perpetual Calendar.
~ 11 Different Versions
562018.01.07.08March 17, 1908 – J.W. Wixtead Store Order Form for G.H. Bacheler.
572018.01.07.09Coppola, Anthony H. “The Elmwood Club Restaurant” history. ca. 1982
572018.01.07.102 Menus – The Elmwood Club
582018.01.07.11Coppola, Anthony H. – Research, Notes & Presentation for Joseph Virostek (lawyer) regarding Thomas P. Ritchie (proprietor of grocery store). October 25, 1984.
592018.01.07.12ca. early 1900s – Photograph: Whitings Tavern
592018.01.07.13ca. early 1900s – Photograph: Old Whiting Tavern
592018.01.07.14ca. early 1900s – Photograph: John Frost, East Douglas, Mass., one end was school house and Swedish Church and Masonic Hall
592018.01.07.15ca. early 1900s – Douglas Axe Works, Four Corners (North Street, Gilboa), Howe Works
592018.01.07.16ca. early 1900s – Howe Works, Axe Shop, Bit Shop Bridge, East Douglas, Mass.
592018.01.07.171922 – Photograph: Hayward Mill, East Douglas, Mass.
592018.01.07.181923 – Photograph: The falls at Hayward Mill, Spring 1923, East Douglas, Mass.
592018.01.07.19ca. 1920s – Photograph: Furnace or Boilers at Hayward Mill
592018.01.07.20ca. 1920s – Photograph: Furnace or Boilers at Hayward Mill
5102018.01.07.21ca. 1905-1910 – Postcard: E.N. Jenckes Store, Main Street, East Douglas, Mass.
5102018.01.07.22ca. 1920 – Postcard: Manning General Store, East Douglas, Mass. (photographic postcard, gelatin silver with mirroring)
5102018.01.07.23ca. 1950 – Postcard: Masonic Hall and Granny’s Restaurant, East Douglas, Mass.
5102018.01.07.24ca. early 1900s – Postcard: Main Street, East Douglas, Mass.
5102018.01.07.25ca. 1950s – Postcard: Douglas Axe Manufacturing Co., East Douglas, Mass. (Lovett Shop), reproduction 1878 engraving
5102018.01.07.26n.d. – Negative: partial Exhibit of the Douglas Axe Manufacturing Company, International Exposition, Paris 1878
5102018.01.07.27ca. 1940s – Postcard: American Axe Works, East Douglas, Mass.
5102018.01.07.28n.d. – Photocopy: Postcard of Hayward Mill, East Douglas, Mass.
5102018.01.07.29ca. 1908 – Postcard: Hayward Woolen Mill, East Douglas, Mass. (1908 photograph)
5102018.01.07.30ca. 1940s – Postcard: Schuster Woolen Mill, East Douglas, Mass.
5112018.01.07.31ca. early late 1800s-early 1900s – Advertisements and Coupons
5112018.01.07.32ca. 19th century – Assorted regional business cards

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