Series 6 : Douglas Schools

Anthony H. Coppola Collection
Series 6: Douglas Schools

412018.01.06.01Photocopy Program – Graduation Exercises of the Class of [18]’79. Douglas High School, at Thayer’s Hall, Friday Evening, March 7.
422018.01.06.02Program – Graduation Exercises of the Class of [18]’98. Douglas High School, Central Hall, East Douglas, Mass. Monday Evening, June 27.
432018.01.06.032 Tickets – Douglas High School, Graduation Exercises, Congregational Church, East Douglas, Mass. Thursday, June 23, 1910, Eight P.M.
442018.01.06.04Program – The Graduation Exercises of the Douglas High School, Second Congregational Church, East Douglas, Friday Evening, June 19, 1914 at 8 o’clock.
452018.01.06.05Programs – The Graduation Exercises of the Douglas High School, Lovett Building, East Douglas, Mass., Friday Evening, June 23, 1916 at 8 o’clock. (2 copies)
462018.01.06.06Ticket – Class of Nineteen Hundred and Twenty–two [1922], Douglas High School requests your presence at its Commencement Exercises, Friday Evening, June Twenty–third at eight o’clock, Second Congregational Church.
472018.01.06.07Program – Graduation Exercises of Douglas Memorial High School, Douglas Town Hall, Friday Evening, June 21, 1929 at eight o’clock.
482018.01.06.08Newsletter – “Douglas Memorial Highlights,” January 1971
482018.01.06.09Newsletter – “Douglas Memorial Highlights,” April 1971
492018.01.06.10Letter from John G. Tardiff (Pres., Douglas Teachers Association) to Anthony Coppola, regarding programs, April 16, 1971.
4102018.01.06.11Workshop – “Inservice Workshop, Thursday, May 17, 1979, ‘Resource Center, People, Places and Paraphernalia: Discovering Community Resources.’”

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