Series 4 : Religious Organizations

Anthony H. Coppola Collection
Series 4: Religious Organizations

312018.01.04.01n.d. “The Old Douglas Camp Meeting Association, will hold their annual camp meeting, beginning August 1st, and continuing till the 13th.”
322018.01.04.02“250th Anniversary Edition: The History of the First Congregational Church of Douglas, Massachusetts, 1747–1997.”
322018.01.04.031997 – Schedule and Notes regarding 250th Anniversary Weekend, November 7th, 8th, 9th for the First Congregational Church founded November 11th 1747
332018.01.04.04n.d. – Various Newspaper Articles regarding Rev. Edward B. Blanchard’s resignation from the Second Congregational Church
342018.01.04.05Program – One Hundredth Anniversary, Second Congregational Church, East Douglas, Massachusetts, 1834–1934
342018.01.04.06Sunday, September 30, 1934 Order of Worship
342018.01.04.07Sunday, October 7, 1934 Order of Worship
352018.01.04.08Saint Denis Parish “It’s Priests and People”, 1870–1970. Gagne, Clarence A., Douglas, 1971.
362018.01.04.09Program – Saint Denis Catholic Women’s Council, Eightieth Anniversary, 1918–1998.
372018.01.04.10Camp Meetings – clippings and notes, 1880-1908
382018.01.04.11Cemeteries – clippings and notes, 1907-1908
392018.01.04.12Churches – clippings and notes, 1868-1906
3102018.01.04.13Churches – clippings and notes, 1901-1907
3112018.01.04.14Churches – clippings and notes, 1908-1910
3122018.01.04.15ca. 1900s – Photograph: Dining Room at Douglas Camp Ground
3132018.01.04.16ca. 1920 – Postcard: Congregational Church, Douglas Center, Douglas, Mass. (photographic postcard, gelatin silver with mirroring)
3132018.01.04.171922 – Postcard: Second Congregational Church, East Douglas, Mass. (photograph taken during Ice Storm of 1922
3132018.01.04.18ca. 1905-1910 – Postcard: Methodist Church, East, Douglas, Mass.
3132018.01.04.19n.d. – Photocopy: Postcard of St. Denis Church, East Douglas, Mass.
3132018.01.04.20ca. 1905-1910 – Postcards: 17 postcards of the Douglas Camp Ground

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