Accessibility & Renovation Project

The Simon Fairfield Public Library has stood in downtown Douglas since 1903, providing the community a storehouse of knowledge, a forum for education, and an anchor to the literary world. For over 20 years, the Trustees of the Library have been engaged in an uphill struggle to obtain the funding and public support necessary to make accessibility renovations. We have been through many iterations of ideas, proposals, sketches, and plans over the years, but everything boils down to four key aspects:

  1. An entrance to the building that is accessible.
  2. Code-compliant paved parking connected to the accessible entrance.
  3. An elevator to provide access to both floors.
  4. An accessible public restroom.

A phased approach that spreads the cost of construction out over time isn’t feasible as none of these aspects are of any value without all of them. To accomplish them all at once in a minimally invasive, economical manner is a project with preliminary estimates of around $500,000. We want to raise $400,000 before committing funding to architectural plans and processes so that we can ensure the ability to follow through.

This is where you come in. If everyone in town donated $50, we would be there.

20 years is too long. Children with disabilities have been born, grown up, and entered their adult lives without access to their public library since proposals started bouncing around committees in 2000. Let’s make this happen by removing the money barrier that has continually stymied progress. Contribute to our Building Fund today so that the patrons who need the library the most can get into it tomorrow.

Please consider sending a check to the Douglas Library Interest Building Fund to P.O. Box 607 — Douglas, MA 01516 or donating via the Friends of the Library Paypal.

Thanks for Reading,

Justin Snook, Director

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