The Simon Fairfield Public Library has stood proud in downtown Douglas for over 100 years, providing the community a storehouse of knowledge, a forum for education, and an anchor to the literary world. For many years, the Trustees of the Library have been campaigning to gain the public support and necessary funding to ensure the library’s future.

As any visitor can tell, the library is in dire need of renovation. The building is not large enough to house our collections or our patrons, and does not provide a suitable space for a modern library. We are not even close to compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and anyone who is less than able-bodied is hard-pressed to access the building. Structural and cosmetic problems abound as proper maintenance has been deferred for decades.

Our facilities issues are severely limiting our ability to provide service to our population, and the problem only compounds as time goes by. We have been through many iterations of proposals to renovate the structure over the years. The most recent is a plan which would do the bare minimum to bring the library into ADA compliance for an estimated $2.3 million.

What will 2.3 million buy us?

  • A fully renovated basement that will effectively double our usable space and serve as a clean, accessible, dedicated children’s library.
  • An “upstairs” devoted entirely to the needs of our adult patrons, including a proper technology lab, additional small meeting space, and more room to read, research, and socialize.
  • More room for our ever expanding collections.
  • A parking lot for convenient access.
  • An elevator.
  • Full handicap access throughout the entire building.
  • Vastly improved restroom facilities.
  • Efficient and effective climate control.
  • Every maintenance and repair issue in the building fixed in one fell swoop.

How can you help?
Get passionate about the library! Use our services, tell your friends, and advocate for us.
Donate to our building fund! These donations are tax deductible. We can take cash or check donations at the library. You can also mail checks made out to the Simon Fairfield Public Library Building Fund to:

Douglas Library
P. O. Box 607
Douglas, MA 01516