Fiber Art Meet and Greet

Everyone misses Knitting in the Loft, and we would like to revive something like it!

Two local rug-hookers, Heather Parker and Jennifer Ashworth, are volunteering to lead a fiber art handicraft group on Thursday nights at the Library starting in January. They are willing to teach rug-hooking to those interested, and hope that other experts of their crafts will join them to reknit a group of local fiber artists back together.

If you are interested in rug-hooking, knitting, quilting, or any sort of fiber crafting in a group, come help us get it started! We’re having a meet and greet on Thursday, November 30 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. Heather and Jennifer will be here to answer questions and gauge interest. So come let them know if there is a handicraft you would like to learn, teach, or just fiddle with in a social setting. Seeya then!