Outdoor Lounge

One of the community’s desires that our building program brought to light very early in the survey process was for “picnic tables,” “sprucing up the outside,” “outdoor spaces,” “comfortable seating,” etc. At around the same time, Jack Dooner of Douglas Boy Scout Troop 316 asked me if there was anything he could do for the Library as an Eagle Scout Project. It wasn’t hard to put two and two together.

Jack came up with a plan for a picnic table, troop-built Adirondack chairs, a chess table, some planters, and a Little-Free-Library-style box to store chess and checker pieces. I added that we’d need a critter-proof trash can, and that was my single and only contribution to the project. Jack, his family, and the troop took care of the rest.

So now we’d like to invite you to come try out this new lounge area downtown before Fall takes its final exit. Have a read. Enjoy a coffee. Take a load off. You don’t have to be a Library patron–it’s there for everybody.