Benches Restored

In 2008, Scott Carter built the lovely wooden benches in front of the Library as his Eagle Scout Project. They have been much used, much loved, and much worn in the intervening 15 years. After Ethan Chisholm finished his own Eagle Scout Project, the Storywalk on the SNETT, he used his leftover funds to buy red mahogany boards and mounted them to the frames. We got the original plaques mounted to the new wood this morning.

You may notice in the background a picnic table. This is the beginnings of yet another Eagle Scout Project being worked on by Jack Dooner. The building survey we put out this summer demonstrated a lot of want for an outdoor lounge area, and he’s taking care of that for us! There will be additional furniture incoming, so stay tuned. And drop by! Grab a book. Kick up your feet. Stay a while.