Dynamic Douglas Day Committee donates $1,500 to Library

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The Dynamic Douglas Day Committee formed in 2018 after the town of Douglas passed a Prop 2 ½ Override to plug a financial gap that would have left many things unfunded…including the Library’s entire budget. It passed narrowly, and the campaigning for and against it left the town “down in the dumps,” to quote Committee chairman Donna Hardy. The Committee hosted two successful Dynamic Douglas Day festivals in the July heat of 2018 and 2019, though I stayed comfortably cool in the dunk tank.

In 2020, COVID-19 made it impossible to have a Dynamic Douglas Day. And as the pandemic changed so many things, so it did the lives of the people making the festival possible. The Committee decided recently to donate what remained in their coffers to the Library, where it will be allocated to the capital campaign to renovate the Library and make it handicap accessible.

I would like to thank all of the Committee members for this donation to the Library as well as two memorable summer festivals:

Donna Hardy

Lori Colbert 

Amber Olivieri

Leslie Cape

Amy Phelps

Mary Mundell 

Julie Cusolito 

Jennifer Giunta

Kristin Hughes-Hipp

and so many members of the community, including honorable mention to Denise Willard, Douglas Police & Fire, Chris Bilodeau, Luke MacNeil, and Sen. Ryan Fattman.