Now Hiring: Library Page – [position has been filled]

Looking for entry-level library work? The Simon Fairfield Public Library is looking for you! We need a page who can help us bring order out of chaos on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3pm to 5pm and every other Saturday from 9am to 1pm. We pride ourselves on offering a congenial, laid-back, but efficient atmosphere for our patrons and staff. We encourage applicants who will thrive in such an atmosphere.

Basic responsibility:
To shelve library materials accurately and neatly, evaluate the conditions of the shelves while doing so, and inform librarians when they appear to require shifting or weeding. In addition, the library page will be trained to perform minimum duties on the circulation desk including but not limited to checking in and out of materials.

Minimum requirement: High school student or high school degree. Position requires basic knowledge of math and the ability to work with the Dewey Decimal System. A proficiency with English and ability to alphabetize are also required. 

None required

Duties are often routine but may involve making minor decisions. Pagers are expected to ask questions rather than make assumptions. 

Supervision required:
Employee works under direct supervision of Library Director; Children’s Librarian and Circulation Librarian.

How well the library page does his/her job has a direct impact on the overall operations of the library. If materials are shelved incorrectly, the efficiency of the library is negatively affected. The inability to find materials results in loss of service to patrons and is unacceptable.

The library page will have interactions with the public due to the nature of the job and the environment of a small public library. The page is expected to exhibit tact and courtesy and to refer patrons to other staff if and when it is required.

The library page is expected to observe privacy policy and laws applicable to the public library.

Normal office conditions.

Manual Skills Required:
Filing, Shelving.

Physical Effort:
A page must be able to carry books for shelving, and either reach high shelves or be capable of stepping up on a stool to do so. 

Occupational Risks:
Little or no potential risk of injury.

Supervisory Responsibilities:


How to Apply:
Please fill out an employment application and email it, along with a resume and cover letter if desired, to Justin Snook at Applications submitted by July 21 will be considered. The Town of Douglas is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer.