Friends of the Library Annual Meeting April 30

The Friends of the Library are having their annual meeting virtually on April 30 at 10 am. If you want to learn more about the Friends, what they do, and how you can help, join us on Zoom! Here is a link to the meeting: Everyone is invited to participate.

What the Friends of the Library can accomplish increases exponentially with each active volunteer, so don’t be shy! Here is the agenda:

  1. Election of Officers
    -Carolyn Dorval, President
    -Paul Peterson, Vice-President
    -Pam Bishop, Secretary
    -Ellie Chesebrough, Treasurer
  2. 2021 Expenditures
  3. 2022 Budget
    -Donations to the Interest Bearing Building Account including one from the
    -Requests from Library Director Snook
  4. Library Director, Justin Snook
  5. Other Business
    -Plant and book sale Saturday, May 28, 9AM – noon
    -Auction fundraiser October
    -Fundraising ideas
  6. Adjourn