Thank You from Kristen Stevens

I would like to thank everyone for their participation on the Library Fundraiser this May and June. It was a great event and I know I had a  wonderful time (even in the rain). Being the coordinator of the plant section of the fundraiser, I was amazed at the wonderful response to the participation and variety of plants donated.  I know our customers were extremely happy with their selections.

I especially remember one young lady who said she just moved to town a  year ago and her landscaping was minimal.  When she asked “How much,” I repeated our mantra,  “Take what you like, Donate what you can”.  Later, I saw her again with her husband and he said she wanted another lily… I convinced him to take some hostas as well. 

Boy, happy customers. It made me happy as well because I wouldn’t have to babysit a lot of leftovers till October and our donation buckets were filling up.  In the future, I hope we will all continue to support the efforts of our wonderful Library and their Fundraiser efforts.

Thank you again,

Kristen Stevens