Circulating Puzzles

Spring is 3/4 over and Summer is on the horizon. Many of us enjoy listening to the birds, smelling the flowers, and walking among the trees. This is a season for going outside, renewing our spirits, and bathing in the beauty of the natural wonders New England has to offer.

But for others, this is the season of hacking coughs, runny eyes, headaches, phlegm, and those annoying sneezes which never quite reach fruition. If the lilacs and cottonwoods have you holed up next to your air purifier with a bottle of grape-flavored cetirizine, we’ve got something for you! In the foyer, you can now find a collection of 42 circulating puzzles thanks to various donors. The puzzles vary from 500 to 1,500 pieces. I didn’t put them all together myself to check for missing pieces, but I’m fairly confident in the ones that made it into the collection.

So if you prefer to choke on jigsawed cardboard dust instead of pollen, come on down to the Library. You can even do your puzzle outside and get hives from both! We won’t stop you.