Friends Memberships and Auction Update

If you got your Friends of the Library membership mailer and placed it on your kitchen counter with the intention of reading it later, only to find that “later” never quite materialized before said mailer disappeared into the recycling or down the gullet of a beloved family pet, fear not! You can read it here, and the Friends will accept memberships all year long. They even have their own page where you can join electronically if you like.

The Winter book auction ended up raising $1,074 in high bids on the 183 listed book bundles, all of which will be deposited into the Library’s interest-bearing building donation account and set aside to defray the cost of a future building renovation. We’re getting close to rounding the corner on $100,000, which will put us nearly 1/4 of the way to our $400,000 goal. Thanks to all who participated. Hopefully our next book sale can be in person.