Kobos are Here!

Thanks to the middle school robotics club and the generous donation stemming from their robotics challenge competition, we now have four kobo clara HD ereaders. These sleek new devices sync seamlessly with our digital catalog. I am currently in the process of configuring them and preparing them to circulate, and I need some guinea pigs.

In order to qualify for the first rounds of loans, you need to:
A) Demonstrate that you have a hard time getting into Library.
B) Lack access to an e-reader.
C) Have a stable connection to a wireless network.
D) Live in Douglas.

If you qualify, please email me at jsnook@cwmars.org or call the Library at 508-476-2695. We will set up an appointment where I will bring the kobo to your home, set it up on your wireless network, and give you a brief tutorial on how to use it. You can keep the kobo for 10 weeks, after which I’ll pick it up for the next patron waiting.

If this system works well, I’ll place you back in the queue. If it does not work well, we’ll figure out another way. As the first round of guinea pigs, your feedback will be crucial. Thanks for reading!

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