A Walk in the Woods

On May 23, around a dozen library staff and patrons gathered at Cedar Swamp in the Douglas State Forest for a nature hike. Led by Mary Sughrue-Yacino, we heard many bird calls and learned a lot about local flora.

We saw the tiniest lady slipper in the world:

And a very purple bog onion (or jack-in-the-pulpit for you Northern folk):

Cinnamon ferns:

And these things:

The kids got really excited when we started finding a trail of fake money:

And then the adults even got a little excited:

Finally, we gazed upon the remains of a fire started by Matthew Mcconaughey during the filming of Sea of Trees. Unfortunately, the scene was deleted:

Mary tried calling in an owl, but it just hooted at us from afar. I believe a good time was had by all, though, regardless of the standoffish night  fowl.

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