Octoberfest: Books, Rocks, Chess

Octoberfest is Saturday! Yay! Hopefully it won’t rain this year. The adage I keep hearing is, “It wouldn’t be Octoberfest without rain.”  But chances are only 10% as of right now, so I hope to see my first non-rainy festival. The library will be open usual hours (9 to 1) this year.

The Friends of the Library will be having their annual book sale, and this year’s donations look especially impressive. These books need homes. As per tradition, there is no set price for books. You take what you want and donate what you feel is fair. Donations go to the Friends of the Library funds that support library programming and museum passes.

Professor Jerry Williams will once again be here to take on any and all challengers in the game of chess. Nobody beat him last year. One person beat him the year before. He asks for a $1 donation to the Friends of the Library to play. If you win, he’ll buy you a pizza.

We will also have rock painting this year. Maybe you’ve seen painted rocks laying around, or heard of the idea: you paint a rock and leave it somewhere for someone else to find. If you take one, you are supposed to make another one and put it back. We have a lot (200, to be precise) of rocks that are pre-painted a variety of base colors, waiting for your finishing touches. We are suggesting a $1 donation to the library per rock. You can either take your painted rock with you, or we will take it out to the SNETT and place it strategically for someone to find. Let’s make our trails colorful!

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