DVD Late Fees Reduced.

We are lowering the daily late fee for DVDs and Blurays from a dollar to a quarter. The reason we have been charging a dollar a day is because that is the default loan policy of CWMARS. Since we allow patrons to check out 10 movies at a time, though, you could rack up a $10 fine by being a day late. With late fees capped at $5.00 per item, 10 DVDs returned five or more days late would mean a $50.00 fine. Frankly, that’s outrageous. So we’re…wait for it…quartering it.

As of now, movies check out fall under the following policy:

  • DVDs, BluRays, and and ukuleles can be borrowed for 7 days and renewed once. Daily late fees accrue at $0.25 per day with a $5.00 maximum cap per item.

You can still rack up a $50.00 fine if you check out 10 movies and don’t bring them back on time…but it will take 20 days to reach that point now instead of 5. We encourage everyone to return items as soon as they are done with them so that they can go to the next patron (especially new movies), but now the pain won’t be quite so bad if you do go a bit overdue.

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