The Big Build – Week 1

The first thing to emerge from our ongoing collaborative Lego build is this dockside scene. A boat-load of enterprising stormtroopers have managed to capture Jabba the Hutt and are delivering him to the harborside for justice. You’d think that the Hulk would be the undisputed harbormaster, but he appears to have been dispatched (along with a mutant turtle and a robot) by a mountie…so long as our equestrian friend doesn’t get run over by those speedsters.

These are treacherous waters, though, so I wouldn’t recommend swimming. A shark has been reported roaming the shoreline, and if you get caught in the riptide you might end up stranded on the unforgiving, skeleton-strewn shores of man-eating gorilla island! I don’t know what role Madame Robot will play in this saga with her pleasure-yacht, but hopefully she doesn’t clash with the heavily-armed hovercraft being operated by a ghost.

In case you didn’t know, the loft has been turned over to an ongoing Lego building project for the duration of our summer reading program. We have big bins of blocks and an open floor for kids to Build a Better World (that’s this year’s theme). Think Minecraft in real life. There are plenty of blocks, so we ask that participants build more to flesh out this collaborative Lego-world without demolishing previous creations. Come by any time to add to the realm! 

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